Today we’re going to talk about what is bathtub refinishing. Bathtub refinishing or reglazing is a term used to describe the restoration of a cast iron or steel bathtub. The process can also be performed on fiberglass bathtubs as well as tile walls and old sinks. The process can be compared to painting a car kinda. The process of refinishing reglazing a bathtub consist of cleaning the bathtub. Here at the tubguy we do a three step cleaning process. First we remove the overflow cover and any old caulking around the bathtubs perimeter. Then we use a commercial cleaner to clean the tub. Then we use a soap scum remover to assure all the soap scum is removed. At this point we chemically etch the bathtub this ensures the bathtub is dulled out to ensure our coatings stick. At this stage of the process we mask the bathtub with paper and tape. Place drop cloths over everything else and drop cloth the door into the bathroom. We will then setup a ventilation system to extract the overspray and odor. We are now ready to start applying the coatings. At the tubguy we use European coatings this material in my opinion is the best on the market. It is designed for the abuse your bathtub takes. At this time we apply a bonding primer coat and then two topcoats. Now were ready to start cleaning up we remove the paper and tape and re apply the caulking around the perimeter. And your bathtub is ready to go back into service the next day. The coating will look and feel smooth again and will be easy to clean again like it was when it was new. With proper care and cleaning you will get years of a nice looking bathtub.