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Frequently Asked Questions


What Types Of Refinishing Do You Do?

We Do Bathtub Refinishing Tile Refinishing Sink Refinishing Fiberglass Refinishing. We can Refinish Your Bathroom Fixtures And make Them Look And Feel New Again.

How Long Does It Take To Refinish A Bathtub?

Depending On Bathtubs condition A bathtub Refinishing Job typically Takes anywhere from 2-4 hours.

How Long Before I Can Start Using My Bathtub?

After The Tub Refinishing Process, You’ll Need To Wait Just 24 Hours Before Using The Bathtub Again.

Does Your  Work Come With A Warranty?

We Offer a one-year, No-hassle warranty. If You Have Any Problems Within The First Year We’ll Fix it At No Charge. 

Can My Bathtub,Tile Or Fiberglass Fixture Be Refinished In A Color Other Than White?

Yes We Can Do Your Refinishing Job In Colors Other Than White There Is A $50 Charge For Colors Other Than White.

 I’m In The Process Of Remodeling My Bathroom Right Now Should I Refinish My Bathtub Before Or After The Remodeling Is Complete?

You Should Wait to Refinish Your Bathtub Until All Of The Other Remodeling Is Complete. We Are Very Careful To Protect Everything In Your Bathroom With Drop Cloths And Also Use A Fume Exhauster.

Will The Surface Of My Bathtub Be Slippery?

The New Finish On Your Bathtub Is Not Any More Slippery Than The Surface Of A New Bathtub. However, We Do Offer Non-Suction Cup Bathmats If You Would Like Extra Protection Against Slipping.

Can You Refinish Tile Walls?

Yes We Can Refinish Tile Walls We Charge $9.50 A Square Foot For Tile Refinishing.

What Areas Do You Offer Your Bathtub Refinishing Services?

The Tubguy Services The Youngstown,OH Pittsburgh,PA Akron,OH Canton,OH And Cleveland,OH Surrounding Areas

Do You Accept Credit Cards For Payment?

Yes We Accept All Major Credit Cards But There Is A 3% Processing Fee For Credit Cards, But We Accept Cash And Checks So You Can Avoid Any Extra Fees.

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