Tub Refinishing

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Bathtub Refinishing

The Tubguy specializes in providing customers with professional quality bathtub and tile refinishing solutions for your worn out bathroom fixtures. Bathtub refinishing, also known as, Bathtub Reglazing or Resurfacing, is an affordable and efficient alternative that will instantly update your fixtures with a fresh and clean new look, in just one day. Eliminate mold and mildew. Easy to clean and beautiful shine. Worn, stained, chipped, outdated, and hard to keep clean bathtubs, ceramic tile, showers or fiberglass units can be professionally restored in a matter of hours when utilizing our high quality Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing coatings. All of our work completed by a skilled technician with over 20 years of refinishing and repair experience. All surfaces are ready for next day use.

Refinishing Process

Step 1: Remove the overflow cover and remove old caulking

Step 2: We have a 3 step cleaning process 1st is a cleaner 2nd is a soap scum remover 3rd is an etching solution  to dull the surface

Step 3: mask off around the bathtub with masking paper and tape

Step 4: Repair any chips dings or pitting with a filler to smooth any damage

Step 5: We setup a fume exhuaster to remove most of the smell 

Step 6: We apply a bonding agent primer

Step 7: We apply 2 topcoats

Step 8: When were done we remove all the paper and tape and run a new bead of caulking around the tub

When the process is done you must wait 24 hours before putting it back into service.

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